Operace 1

MUDr. František Picek is one of the leading specialists in arthroscopic operation and reconstruction services as well as operations of static foot deformations.

His many years of active work in the regional hospital have given him rich practice in other operations of the locomotion apparatus as well, including replacement joint implants (knee and hip endoprostethics, etc.) and injury treatment.

He carries out operative services as part of outpatient surgery in the Beroun private hospital, which boasts top-quality equipment and technology and also provides above-standard professional post-operational facilities (anaesthesia, inpatient ward).

In the Kladno regional hospital, MUDr. Picek deals with other orthopaedic and traumatology operations (replacement joints, reconstructive foot work, operations on acute injuries, etc.).

Operace 2

An important above-standard indication of his professional approach is the offer of quality PRE-OPERATIONAL and POST-OPERATIONAL care for each client. This includes pre-operational consultations, indications for operations, a proposed convalescence plan, compiling and (if necessary) provision of optimal pre-operational and post-operational rehabilitation. Following mutual agreement, the care may also include the provision of the operating room and the actual operation itself (either as part of outpatient care, ambulant, or larger services for hospitalization in a health facility with professional facilities).

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