Operation of the hip joint

  • Replacement joints – endoprosthesis (various types of non-cemented, hybrid, cemented replacements...)
  • Arthroscopic operations

Knee operations

  • Fractures in the area of neighbouring bones, ligament injuries
  • Osgood-Schlatter
  • Correctional osteotomy of the ankle bone
  • Knee-cap instability
  • Joint replacements – endoprosthesis – knee joint (total replacement – various types of EP and hemiarthroplasties – Oxford knee)
  • Arthroscopic operations

Operations of the shank and shin

  • Bracing – arthrodesis of the ankle joint (open and arthroscopic assisted)
  • Fractures near the ankle
  • Joint replacements – endoprosthesis – ankle joint (replacement joints from Bioment – only for Kladno hospital)
  • Achilles tendon (sutures, revision, peritendectomy...)
  • Arthroscopic operations

Foot operations

  • Hallux valgus (operation on soft tissue, osteotomy, resectional arthroplastics, arthrodesis... SCARF, AKIN, AUSTIN, KELLER, WEIL... )
  • Rigin toe – (cheilectomy, arthrodesis, resectional arthroplastics...)
  • Hammer toe (osteotomy, WEIL, POST...)
  • Morton’s neuralgia (revision and resection of neurinomas)
  • Haglund’s exostosis (open or arthroscopic ablation)
  • Sole fasciitis
  • Replacement joints – endoprosthesis
  • Basic toe joint

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