ORP CENTRUM in Prague 6 - non-governmental health facility

Head physician for orthopaedics, sports traumatology, and podiatry.

MUDr. František Picek presently provides ambulant and consultation services in the Prague health facility OPR CENTRUM. ORP is short for several medical fields – ORTHOPEDICS, REHABILITATION, and PODIATRY – and offers complete services aimed at prevention, diagnostics, and the treatment of defects and pain in the locomotion apparatus. Experiences from operations led to the inclusion of pre-operational and post-operational care and rehabilitation into the ORP CENTRUM’s offer of services.

The PRE-operational care for the client includes consultations, indications, a convalescence plan, pre-operational rehabilitation, and examination.


The POST-operational care includes the provision of post-operational care and rehabilitation.

  • CONTACT: +420 773 677 687 (privat care)

Regional Hospital in Kladno

Head physician for the emergency room. Arthroscopic operations, large joint operations including joint replacements, operations of static damaged feet..

In the Kladno regional hospital, MUDr. Picek carries out operational and reconstructional arthroscopic operations, arthroscopic assisted operations, (arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee, ankle joint, elbow, wrist, and hip), operations on the foot, shoulder, and knee, joint replacements, etc.

Beroun Hospital

Arthroscopic operations as part of outpatient surgery in one of the most modern arthroscopic centers in the Czech Republic.

The Beroun arthroscopic center is a unique workplace in the Czech Republic, offering the most modern equipment in a completely newly reconstructed modern operation room with quality inpatient care, as well as the scope of care it offers, guaranteeing complete arthroscopic operations. The center is equipped and stocked with materials from the Arthrex company, a leading world producer of arthroscopic technology. It functions as Arthrex’s educational workplace but also serves as an instructional workplace for arthroscopic operations in the Czech Republic.

  • CONTACT: +420 773 677 687 (clients for arthroscopic operations)
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